Terms of use

The e-library The Love of Reading (hereafter E-library) available at URL tlor.svkos.cz holds collection of works used for purposes of the Erasmus+ EU project (2019-2022). The e-library is operated by the Moravian-Silesian Research Library in Ostrava (hereafter Library) using its technologies and administration.

The main goal of the E-library is educational purpose, namely sharing works among students of the project partners. Each partner decide about particular work license and access conditions, set them as a part of adding new work, and is responsible for this, including different application of copyright rules and law in ongoing time and divergent places.

License conditions of each work included in The Love of Reading e-library are including in its metadata in the desctiprion field (dc.description).

The Library is not responsible for any misuse of works inculded in this e-library or breaking their copyright conditions. The Library is just a supervisor of the e-library and is allowed to change access or license to works, or even withdraw a work from the collection, if founds potential breaking the law. Also, if anyone founds violating any conditions, rules or law considering some work in the e-library, he or she may notice the Library at tlor@svkos.cz. The Library is obliged to consider such notices, revise the case and make corrections if real violation is found.